I woke up on Saturday morning, and the world was different.  Whether it is better or worse I do not know yet. Nobody does.  On Friday, all justification for the terror attack ran out (or so I thought. The Foreign Minister of Sweden managed to disabused me of that idea).  It was not an attack against a special group.  No longer can the victims be vilified by hypocrites. The attack was not against Israelis / Jews / Kurds / Yezids.  It was against regular Europeans who went to the games, the theatre, the restaurant, etc.  Most likely, the victims had no expectation that today they would be shot to death.  After all, the war in Israel / Syria / Africa is not their war.

If Europe’s attitude changes, and terrorism is defeated, than the unwilling sacrifice is not for naught.  However, should the European community continue in the vain of blaming the victims, the terrorists will continue attacking in Europe.  Europe could become a blood bath.

What is terror?  My definition of it is simple – It is any attack against civilian targets.  It is a simple, but encompassing definition.  By this definition we could view incidents and adjudicate whether they are terror or not.

The attack yesterday was terror.

Attacks against civilians in Israel is terror.

Attacks against soldiers or police on post is not terror.  You may call it a crime, a rebellion, freedom fight, etc., but terror it is not.

The attack in Beirut last week was terror.

Let’s view this definition on a broader scope:

Boycotting is always an attack against civilian population.  Therefore it is terror.

Shooting rockets against civilian population is terror.  Shooting them from inside your own civilian population is doubly so, as your leaving your enemy no choice but to shoot at your own civilians.

Who is responsible for the terror?  Of course, the people perpetrating it, and the people sending them.  Definitely, the people who fund them.  But that is not all;  anybody who voices support for terrorism is responsible for it.  More so, anyone who is not willing to openly and unequivocally condemn it is responsible.

This is a good place to say that there is no “Good Terror”, all acts of terrorism are bad.  For me the people who support one terror and condemn another are the worst hypocrites.  They have already agreed that terror is acceptable.  We have just witnessed the Foreign Minister of Sweden tying the terror attack in France to the Palestinian issue.  She basically justified terror.  I have witnessed people justifying terror against Israelis by claiming it is a result of the “Occupation”.  Let me make it clear; occupation just not justified terror (and on the flip side; terror does not justify occupation).  Terrorism is not a legitimate form of protest.  It is not a Freedom Fight.  It is just that – terrorism.

People of Europe; The world has to unite against terrorism.  You can no longer avoid it.  Do not act against the only democracy in the Middle East.  These actions brings legitimacy to terrorism.  That means terrorism against yourselves.  It is time to eradicate terror and terrorism and send them to oblivion.

Aharon Friedman,


17 November, 2015

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