On the Spiritual Journey

Hubbard, like many others false prophets and charlatans, claimed to have found a path to spiritual enlightenment. He called it “The Bridge to Total Freedom.” The people walking that path found anything but freedom. They found ensalavement, misery, humiliation, and degradation.

But Hubbard was not the first or last to have make that claim. History is full of people who made it. Some were charlatans and some were honest people who found something that works for them, and wanted to share it with the rest of humanity.

When I was 16 years of age (or maybe less), I begun my spiritual journey. Later, I joined Scientology, believing against my own better judgement that indeed, this man has found a way.

As I enter my 60th year of life I have arrived at a few conclusions regarding spirituality. I am contemplating writing a book, but I am not sure, because I do not want to become a guru to anybody. Perhaps, I will just write a bunch of essays on spirituality.

Meanwhile, there are a few conclusions I have arrived at. I urge anyone reading it to not adopt these, unless they totally believe them, and can explain them to another person with great conviction and clarity.

There is no such thing as a Bridge, there is no Ladder, and there is no Path.

Spirituality cannot be quantified, it cannot be a status, it is nothing like a martial art, or an academic degree. There is no belt system, and no hierarchy of degrees.

Spirituality is a journey, as long as you walk the journey you expand it. The minute you stop walking it, you shrink.

The journey is not easy. It involves study, contemplating, self doubt, behavior, mental and physical suffering, and sometimes (very rarely) great happiness.

So what have I achieved thus far in my journey? Not much, but here it is:

Clarity of thought.

Great love, and compassion for humanity, and people.

great interest and curiosity about people.

The ability to emotionally touch other people, and maybe (just maybe) ease their journey a little bit.

The ability to understand a little better my fellow humans motivations and intentions (sometime I consider that a curse).

Have I gained any insight or enlightenment? No. Did I acquire some special powers? No.

It is a great journey and I recommend all to walk it.

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